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Hello, my name is Aenoi (Annoy) by birth, Annie to most, and MOMMY to 3 beautiful kids.

Welcome to my blog haven!

Who am I? - Annie of All Trades! Really, I am, ask me, or the hundreds of people that can attest to this claim! =)

I am the Marketing Maven Mama - a loving mother of 3 beautiful children: Skyla and her identical twin brothers, Carson Andrew & Carter Skye, and I have a knack in all things marketing (backed with solid credentials & expertise). 

My passion is writing with hope to inspire and ignite some spark into people's lives and also to help others heal alongside me. We are human, we can all relate at some point in time. I am built with compassion and empathy, anyone who knows me well, knows this of me.

Follow my blogs for my insights on Mom and family life, positive thinking, relationships, career advice, all things marketing, writing & blogging tips, AND brand, product & service reviews!

If I can inspire at least one person daily, then my purpose is served.

I am destined for greatness, I've always known and felt this. My ambition drive has always been there, just now amplified full force for my kids and ME!

Please feel free to contact me with the form below. Send me your stories, your comments and feedback. You can be featured as a guest blogger, anonymously or as you are.

If you would like me to review your brand, product or service, please use the form below as well. 

Knowledge is power. Stay inspired, write and read more! 

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