How I Increased My Salary 45% in One Year

When I gave birth to my twin boys two years ago, I took a break from my full-time marketing career and worked about 15 hours a week, a remote position that allowed me to be home and I was fortunate to keep my marketing skills fresh. It was a time where I wanted to be at home more with my daughter and the twins, and also a time when I took a break to support a business venture with my then husband. No regrets, just life decisions we made and compromised on.

I'm rich when it comes to knowledge, skills and negotiation. One thing about me is that I know how to navigate the job search process and ACE interviews (I'll tell you how in an upcoming blog). I told you I'm the Marketing Maven Mama, right? I position myself as a brand to the companies that I apply to and to recruiters that find me. 

When I decided to go back full-time in the Summer of 2016, I told myself what I'm worth and why, and what I will not settle for. I took the time to really assess my skills, my experience and I assigned a monetary and intangible value to each. I researched different titles, job descriptions, responsibilities, grade levels, and salary information from sites like and  I was a senior-level Marketer, that is what I valued myself as after my research and assessment. My goal was to double my salary when I re-entered the workforce full-time, and I missed it by just 5% - not bad! I went on two interviews, and got a job offer from both. 

Fast forward to now (1.5 years later), I have since moved on from that Senior Marketing Specialist role, and increased my salary 10%, to a Marketing Manager Role. There have been several Director offers as I write but I'll let you know where that goes. =)

On top of this, I branched out with my own Marketing Consulting Agency, A-Line Marketing - being a Marketing Coach for companies and individuals. Great examples are my realtor clients, life coaches, and small business owners. I'm helping my clients with a marketing strategy that aligns with their business/personal goals, and I help to identify their BRAND. Interested? Let's connect, send me an email.

Remember this ...

You can do it too, position yourself as a brand when applying for your next job. What's your elevator pitch for yourself?

  1. Give yourself a review and evaluate yourself:
    • Assign a monetary value on your skills and experience,
    • Assign an intangible value on your skills and experience,
    • Research job titles, descriptions and ask around (network!),
    • And be ready to not settle for less than what you valued yourself at.

What makes you RADIATE from the pile of applicants? Good luck!

What did you think about my story? I hope you're leaving inspired. Let me know in the comment section below. Share and like ... please and thank you!