Skyla had a "Sad" Day

Today had to be one of the most pivotal days for my baby girl, Skyla. 

I thought it was cute but I know she was feeling frustrated. It started in the morning, she had to wear the "white" shoes to school because she left her temporary, favorite sneakers at grandpa's. 

Then, when I picked her up from her dad, she had an ice pack on her face, having been accidentally kicked by her cousin during their usual gymnastics fun. She had a balloon from her other cousin's birthday and she told me she slipped twice during the day. 

When we got home, as she was entering the front door, the balloon got loose from the string and flew up and away, and into the sky. Being the nonchalant and sometimes non-intentional obnoxious mom, I let out a laugh and said, "Baby, your balloon is gone". 

She looked up and watched the balloon fly higher and higher and then unexpectedly, I watched her walk into the hallway, sat down and balled her eyes out. She was sobbing uncontrollably and saying "I'm having a sad day mommy!"  

Carter, my youngest twin boy, walked over to her and I can tell, even he was surprised because he's never seen her cry like that. He was trying to kiss her and touch her eyes, as if he was wiping her tears. Of course, she said, "go away Carter!" haha, I laugh because these two have the typical love/dislike sibling relationship.

I ended up taking her to the store to buy another balloon, to make a good event happen for her today. She was so grateful and thankful, she was her happy self again. 

I felt so badly for Skyla but yet I realized, she is growing up, building resiliency and she's entitled to having a "sad day" like everyone else. You don't have to be strong and happy  everyday, you will have these types of days.  You just learn how to manage them in a positive way, and that takes guidance and will power.

While singing her to sleep, she said "mommy, my day was sad but thank you for the balloon". I told her that it's ok and just look forward to the morning, it will be a new day and a less sad day - a better day. She lets out  her cute little Skyla laugh, and falls asleep. 


Raising a Lady & Two Kings

Mom life is the best life. Two pregnancies and THREE beautiful kids thereafter - YES, I was blessed with a daughter and identical twin boys.  My true loves are Skyla, Carson and Carter. Only we know how each other's heart beats within my womb. 

I'm eternally grateful that I have generous help with the kids; as parents, we know the constant struggle of balancing family life, personal life and work life. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, that is my advice. 

Raising a lady and two kings is one of the best, rewarding challenges in my life. It's not always black and white but as a mom, I do my best to protect, provide, teach and love them. They are my main motivating forces to excel in my hustles. Everything I do is with them in mind. They are my joy and pure happiness, they deserve all that I can give, including my time since time is something we can never get back.

As I grow alongside my little lady and two little kings, I realize material things don't matter (but it's not a bad thing once in awhile). An enriched mind and strong, kind heart matters more, therefore my goal is to infuse them with knowledge and love. While I can't control the universe, I can aid in my children's journey in life to teach and show them to love and take care of themselves first, to firmly stand their ground when they feel or know they are not in the wrong, to always take care of each other no matter what, to be kind but not to the point where they get taken advantaged of, and to exchange their knowledge with others. 

Don't let society define you, be the ONES that society wants to be. 

xoxo, Marketing Maven Mama

Music, requested by Skyla

I encourage my daughter to write every night in her journal and she does. She writes just about anything and I just happened to ask her what she wants mommy to write about today? In her sweet, enthusiastic voice, "Music!" - yes, she said music. 

This makes sense, she's always loved music and dancing as a baby; even more as the free-spirited and charismatic 5 year old she is today. She's so lovely. Even the twins love music, especially Carson who will probably win his first dance battle in Kindergarten! 😂

Anyhow, music to me, is everything. Music is powerful in that it can be the voice for those who can't or aren't willing to express themselves. Music is enriching for the mind, body and soul. Music is magical in that it can lift your spirits instantly. Music is also cruel when it reminds you of unpleasant times in your life. Music is the real time travel machine because it puts you back in time to a place or moment tied to that piece. Music is EVERYTHING. 

Skyla said music is fun :) 

Dear Carson Andrew & Carter Skye, My Handsome Boys ...

One more day and my strong, handsome identical twin boys will turn two. Two for twins, how lovely is that? You two will be able to read this in a few years and every time you do, my hope is that you remain humble and strong.

Your father and I wanted a sibling for your sister, and we were blessed with the both of you. Mommy’s pregnancy with you boys was quite the experience, and I would do it all over again, seeing the beautiful gains from all the pain I endured: my boys.

You two are the epitome of enduring strength, fighters and brave souls – an extension of my stamina having given birth to you two naturally. Your father was there every step of the way, as he always was for your sister and mommy. You two are a force to be reckoned with; born two months early, fighting through the NICU at TUFTS Medical and coming home stronger, and more valiant, exhibiting impeccable vitality. Dear boys, you two were conceived and born during the Perfect Storm.

My wish for the both of you is to grow up to be righteous and honest gentlemen. There is no such thing as PERFECT as you will realize as you grow up, so do not go searching for it. Be happy with what you have in life, do not let materialistic things define you, but know that it’s okay to reward yourself when you reached your stars. Treat everyone you meet in life with grace and respect but never let your guard down. Always protect each other and your sister, regardless of your state of mind and emotions at any given time. As I tell your sister daily, the world is yours for the taking – just do so with integrity. Also, never let society define you, be the ones that society wants to be!

Never forget …

that your mom and dad will always protect & love the three of you, equally and without hesitation to rise to the occasion in ensuring no one hurts you or mistreats you.

Happiest Birthday my handsome, fearless boys!

Dear Skyla,

An open letter to my beautiful first child, my first true love, my daughter, Skyla.


"In my daughter's eyes,

I am a hero,
I am strong and wise,
And I know no fear,
But the truth is plain to see,
She was sent to rescue me,
I see who I want to be,
In my daughter's eyes" - Martina McBride


The world is yours, it's how you want to take it. Baby girl, it took nearly a year to conceive you and about 6 pregnancy tests to confirm that mommy was pregnant with you because I was in disbelief. You arrived two weeks early on a rainy Tuesday on May 1 after 12 long hours of labor. My water dragon, you are fierce and kind. You have been forced to grow up faster than your peers but you do so with grace, like me.

You have taught me in your 5 years of life thus far so many beautiful lessons and opened my eyes to life and beyond. I have many life lessons to also teach you, ones that will make you stronger and wiser. Bringing you into this world means I owe you the world, the universe, and my all. You are my twin, my clutch, and my pillar of strength. 

Mommy wants you to know, you can be anything and do anything in the world as long as you do it with grace. Keep your head high, your morals in tact, and always be kind. I will always be here for you, through your first of everything from kindergarten to college, from your first crush to your first heartbreak, and even through the best and worse times of your life. I want to be real and let you know, I will not allow you to wear rose colored glasses in a world full of surprises. I will do my best to raise you right like the little lady you are and so you know your worth and values and so that you remain a classy, elegant and kind-hearted person. You are destined for greatness and you are truly my twin. I love you my dearest daughter. 

Skyla, My Daughter, My Inspiration <3

Anyone who has met or knows my daughter, Skyla will all agree that she truly is a special kind of little human being. She is beyond mature for her age and super intuitive of her surroundings and of what is going on. She inherited a good balance of character from both myself and her dad: strong, smart (book & street), funny, compassionate, empathetic, snarky and so much more. 

If you ask Skyla, what makes her happy, 9/10 times, she will tell you it's FAMILY, the other time it's toys or candy! LOL.

My mission as a mom is to inspire my kids, but everyday, My Skyla ceases to amaze me with her compassion - she is inspiring me! When a 5 year old tells you "it's okay to make mistakes" that makes you take a step back and think - she's right, you don't learn if you don't make mistakes - just make sure you learn from them. 

The conversations she and I have are on a different level. I often times am so impressed by her intelligence. She has a way of telling me what's right and wrong through the way she articulates her questions, answers and stories. She makes me so proud and I hope I make her proud as well. 

My Daily Motivations

I'm forever thankful to be chosen by my three beautiful children to be their mom. They are my daily motivations. When I feel like giving up or I feel like everything is going wrong, all I need to do is look at them and their faces tell me it's going to be alright mommy, keep going mommy and be strong. 

Updated: 6/15/2017

When I became a mom for the first time to my daughter, Skyla, it was tough. First time mom, everything was new and me and my husband at the time, were juggling work shifts to care for Skyla. Then, we decided Skyla needs a sibling and we were blessed with identical twin boys in September 2015. The kids were all I knew, and will always be all I know. They deserve the best from me.