Cheers to Another Year of Life: Now I'm Living

High-five to all my Leos, it's the best Zodiac sign. Of course, I would say that, after all, I am the lioness who stares adversity in the eye and will always find a way to blink last, if at all. 

What a beautiful blessing to celebrate another year of life. I didn't think turning 33 was going to be fun, but it is because I am now living my life with my own boundaries, rules and independence. What a difference a year makes, I definitely am not the same woman I was this time last year. I fell in love with my own progress and have committed to working on myself, mentally, spiritually, and financially. I've learned to love and appreciate life, to find beauty in everything I do and everything that happens in life. 

While I am not where I want to be just yet, I definitely am where I need to be, to get to where I want to be - does that make sense? It should! 

I survived my first heartbreak, and from this, I am forever grateful that it happened. I have so much to share, and a life ahead of me to learn from others, to teach others, to be inspired by others, and also to inspire others. I live by my words and encouragement to others, to pursue your passions with purpose, and with love, integrity and fierceness. My passions for writing and marketing has its purpose, and the purpose is to help others in whichever way needed. I have been told that I have a natural knack of connecting with others and a charming, charismatic, and compassionate aura that people are drawn too. This past year has been a year of creativity, and I'm looking forward to the next phase in seeing a return in my efforts; both tangible and intangible returns. 

It is important to always take the time to reflect on your life, and I am making it a point to do so yearly, using my birthday as a checkpoint. One goal I had was to advance in my career but to find something that I love doing so it doesn't feel like work; I got out of my comfort zone and found a role that challenges me and allows me to make an impact - it's something I love, I am now managing a function of Marketing that I am an expert in, your little Marketing Exec over here (HEY NOW!!). Plus, I am still helping others through my own marketing agency, SmartHER Marketing and staying on top of my "A- Game" in writing. This is my happy haven. Folks, find yours!

It's also important to take note of your setbacks because these become your setups for success. Be proud of you before you are proud of someone else. Be better and you'll always attract better. I am on a whole another level with my ambitions and drive, and I can't wait to meet the person who matches my drive and who will challenge me in every which way possible mentally, spiritually and physically (hah!). I'm glad I know what I want now, and what I will not settle for. We should all strive to be at this level and always greater.

My three beautiful extensions of me AKA my kids are doing just fine and are loved, taken care of and happy. That is a parent's main priority; the welfare of their kids. This priority made it a priority for me to get myself right to ensure I am able to take care of myself first, and then everything else falls into place. My kids give my life purpose, and they keep me grounded. Anyone who falls in love with me, is going to be the luckiest person ever because you will get 4 times the love. 

Cheers to life, and remember, do what makes you happy, and with grace of course!

Turning adversity into opportunity

Mom of three, I love that. That's me. 

Life happens. Things happen for a reason; I learned a lot and I am doing my best to apply my lessons learned from my past to my new life. Everyday I am learning something new and everyday I am finding a blessing along with it. Life is amazing, life is challenging, BUT life is beautiful. Life has its way of teaching you lessons, some hard, and some are a just a spank on the hand, but if you're open and ready to receive, you will discover the blessing, when you've learned that lesson. Life has so much to offer, yet life can be short. Live your life and manifest your destiny to the best of your ability.

We meet people for a reason at different points in our lives, and everyone serves a purpose, some are here to teach us a lesson, some are here to be a blessing, and some are meant to stay, while others leave. Over the course of the last 18 years, I met and networked with many people, even more post my divorce this past year. The people I met post my divorce have been uplifting. I networked with quite a few empowering women and men, and some have given me opportunities that I would have only dreamed of - NOW it's up to me to run with it - that's one way you turn adversity into opportunity. The opportunities are there for me, but it takes me, my own will, my smarts and my determination to seize them!

How I started to look at adversity in a positive way ...

Allow yourself time to reflect on your life, to assess your life path. The universe has ways to tell you if you're veering in the wrong direction, and it's up to you to take a step back and pay attention to the subtle, or sometimes right in your face signs and make that change.

I paid attention, sifted through all the confusion, the hurt, the lies, the truth, whatever came my way and I realized a lot in just this last year and a half, even more in these last 6 months. Having children, taught me to be tougher, to be stronger and to be more driven to my highest potential. My children really opened up my eyes to expanding my horizons because they need me, just as much as I need them to stay grounded. 

I told myself, Annie, YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE BRILLIANT, YOU ARE CAPABLE of achieving anything you put your mind too (I always knew this, I just had to remind myself). People always come to me for advice on career, marketing, life, and also to share their business ideas. I must have a flair that people are drawn too. I took the liberty to evaluate my skill set, test my tolerance with the public, and pushed myself to think outside of the box, and here I am, manifesting what I know best, turning adversity into opportunity by merging my personal aptitude with my professional experience.


I always enjoyed writing, so I took that passion to blogging, and this arena has opened doors for me. My marketing knack and natural networking abilities has matched me with material opportunities. My career is soaring and I'm glad I focused on it and will continue to focus on it. I'm writing my first book, something I want to do for myself, and it's something for my children to read when they're older - this will be a huge accomplishment when it's published. Everything I'm doing, is with my children in mind. I have 3 sets of eyes that look up to me and 3 innocent hearts that cheer me on and make me feel grateful, every single day. One day, they will read my blogs, and my book and hopefully understand my journey. I just want them to be proud of me, and to know that they are my biggest motivational forces. I want them to know, "There is no such thing as FAILING, as long as you're TRYING!" and also know that resilience is in their genes. 

Hey friends, keep trying, find your independence, and continue to pursue your passion with integrity, fierceness and love! You will discover your purpose, once you fully pursue your passion.

2018 is my year, I can feel it. Make it yours too!  Good Luck!

How are you turning adversity into opportunity?  

Dear ME, I Enjoy Dancing on My Own

At the end of each day, and the start of a new one; if I am breathing and my kids are with me; I can say with pure honesty, I am content. I know what makes my heart happy, and that is my 3 beautiful children I carried and delivered. I went through a lot of experiences that could easily tear a person down to the point where they self-destruct. Not I, Not me. I went on my path to find myself and I am a different person, a better version of myself than I was just about a year ago – more aware, more compassionate, not allowing shit to slide and loving myself more!

Part of love, is when you let go of what was, especially if the other person is happy. I did just that – even if it hurt from time to time but it hurt less when I reminded myself they are happy. In no time, I was happier and it showed – everyone around me could see the new light in me, the big, bright smile and my big, kind heart that was open to listening and helping others still, yet at the same time, healing. I took the high road, and I continued to only look forward, to pursue my passion in writing and marketing, to inspire the world, and to take care of myself first. I left my pain and negative emotions for divine intervention. The supreme universe has its own way of showing you signs if things were meant to be and why things happened. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first, especially when you’ve been nothing but nice, tolerant and understanding to others. As a mom, as a woman, and as part of my journey in finding my true self, I realized my true worth, my integrity, my self-respect and my undeniable strength in overcoming adversity. Sometimes, the truth gets forced or unfolds in due time. Truth is, the truth hurts and I can handle it, can you?

I enjoy dancing on my own, and when I’m ready to introduce him to my kids, the 5 of us can dance together. 

True Heart of a Lion

When you realize your worth, your potential, your purpose ... you become the person you were intended to be. You detach from all fears and you only know how to conquer from there.

I am not perfect, but I am perfectly fine in knowing what I tolerate, what I stand for and what I firmly believe in. 

My worth is more than what meets the eye, I'm an adundance of fire that will either light a flame up your ass or spark a light in your soul, yet I'm as calm as the breeze on a sunny, cloudless day to help others get on their path to healing. 

I have the true heart of a lion - strong, courageous and brave in the face of adversity, yet gentle in the interim.  

My purpose in life is to help others, I'm an empath and I am compassionate as they come. Even through the pain that is inflicted upon me, I still manage to find it in my purpose to help those who hurt me. Many will not see my guidance or reasoning until time has passed. In life, sometimes you have to make the decision to cause a rude awakening. 

Be Thankful for a Rude Awakening

Thankful & Rude Awakening; ironic pairing of words? Not at all. I'm being a bit cliche for Thanksgiving with the be thankful theme but it's all worth reading for enlightenment, inspiration and to carry into your intellectual conversations during Thanksgiving with family & friends. 

An unpleasant or unwelcoming realization of the truth, whether if that truth is a choice or a situation is a rude awakening. It takes a strong mind and heart to take corrective action and to accept the harsh truth. Be thankful for a rude awakening, it's a sign that something needs to change in your life,   that change most often time is you.

I've had my abundance of rude awakenings and they've only made me a better, stronger and wiser person. While they weren't pleasant and often left me in a state of confusion and deep pain, I'm forever thankful for the experiences because you truly don't know how strong you are until you face and overcome the truth of the matter. 

Be thankful for a rude awakening and you'll see life in a different light. Take it as a lesson learned and a blessing earned. 

Your thoughts? Happy Thanksgiving!

Truth from your higher-self

You are most strong when you learn and enjoy to be alone. Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely, it means you are in-tuned with yourself and enjoy your own company. You should always be solely connected to your inner, higher-self. That is your most trustworthy voice, or intuition that tells you when something is right or wrong. 99% of the time your higher-self is telling you the truth in the answers you seek in life.

When you can be alone and find time to disconnect from the noisy world, you will get closer to hearing what your higher-self is telling you. Do some meditation, deep breath exercises and ask your inner, higher-self the questions you need answered. You'll be amazed at how obvious and stronger your intuition and instinct become at that moment. Trust it. 

I enjoy my alone time, it allows me to connect with my inner, higher-self and strengthen my inner core. I have to be internally strong to stare adversity in the eye and overcome it - it's the strength that keeps me together for my family. I am always and will always be the rock. 

I encourage you all to take a step back and re-evaluate your life through alone time, through disconnecting from the judgmental world; can you win the constant battle with adversity? How strong are you? Good luck and I hope you all build that tough, muscle of inner strength

Enjoy Alone Time - It's Healthy

Alone time to detox my mind and reflect on life. Everyone should detach from the world for a few hours or days to allow your mind, body and soul to replenish and restore balance. This allows me to continue to build my inner strength and core; it's needed to withstand life's adversities, to leap over hurdles, to tolerate uncomfortable situations, and to help inspire others. Things happen for a reason in life; find the time to listen and notice the signs; a blessing or a lesson - OR BOTH?

Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely, for me it's the opposite - I am happy. I enjoy it, I was in a relationship for 18 years, and for once I am truly loving my independence, my solitude, and my soul searching journey. 

The best relationship is one with yourself. If you can't love yourself, and if you are not happy from within, you are never going to be able to love others or be genuinely happy. Love yourself first, better yourself, and take care of yourself. Good luck friends!

Level up in Life

Level up in life by continuously making strides to be a better you, a better version of yourself, today, tomorrow and forever! 

Start with a positive mindset, let go of negative energy and people, and allow yourself to just absorb all that life has to offer, to teach, and to bless you with. 

Exchange knowledge with others, engage in deep, meaningful conversations, have some faith, and always only be in competition with no one else but yourself. 

Find daily inspiration in yourself and others, find a motivational staple that will always push you beyond your limit, especially when you want to give up. Keep going!

Your level of greatness and a better you will evolve in no time if you believe in yourself and stay clear of negativity energy. 

Good luck!

Rare Intellectuals

It's not often you find or even know what I call "rare intellecutals". These unique individuals possess a beautiful, higher-degree of deep mindfulness, concentrated thoughts and reasoning. They think beyond the surface and they can be evasive yet charming. You look at them and know, there's something profoundly beautiful yet unfathomable about them that keeps you intrigued. They have what I call a "beautiful, brilliant and dangerous mind," because they know how to engage in any type of conversation and they react outstandingly to enlighten a negative situation or happily in a positive one. 

I definitely know a handful of "rare intellectuals" ...  keep and hold these folks in a good spot in your life because they provide the deepest spin on life itself. 

Tested Will

How strong is your will? I'm realizing life has ways to test your will, how far can you bend or will you bend? Either nothing happens or a bunch of shit happens all at once or literally one right after another. How you handle and respond to things is how strong your will is. 

For me, my will has been and still is being tested with things happening almost all at once; a few things unfathomable and surreal. However, I just learned to keep positive thoughts in mind and to be grateful I am alive. I choose to not waste my energy on people and things that do not benefit me and to block out negative vibes. Your will is a reflection of your inner strength and drive to overcome the obstacles in your path. 

Can you pass the will test(s) in life? 

Your Choice to Rise or Fall

Set backs are only set ups for success and true happiness. You can choose to rise or fall, I choose to rise and I won't stop. Know what you're capable of and multiply it by 1000 or a million, be that motivated to reach your potential and more. Do it for yourself and those who matter - for me, it's my kids and those who have been with me both through my lowest and highest. When I make it, we all make it.   

Rise above the occasion, make necessary shifts to accommodate your priorities, and stay true to yourself. Remain positive and keep only positive people and influences in your life; don't let the negative energy from petty, unmotivated people drain you and impede your progress. Good luck! 

Finding your inner strength

Your inner strength is your internal concrete foundation to assist you in facing the good and bad elements in life. When things are going well or even on the downside, the stronger you are on the inside, the more you will accomplish or overcome on the outside.

Changes in life, as we all know is inevitable. Challenges in life present you with obstacles, opportunities when taken, can present you with triumphs. Either or, you are the core, you are the only one who decides on how you handle the changes. 

Your inner strength is what guides you; in good times, you use your inner strength or power to make the best of these good times, whether it be taking a challenge or opportunity by its horn and riding out the waves. During rough times, your strong inner core will help you get through it, it will help you face the storm, coming out on top and even stronger than before.

My inner strength is evolving, it's always been there, I've always had it and now I'm getting in tune with it more. I'm solidifying my inner strength and power, so I remain resilient in good times and bad. The constant change will be me, the evolving me into a better, more positive and attractive version of myself. I'm using my inner strength and power to level up and also to inspire others. 

Here are some tips on what I find helpful in finding and building your inner strength, these have definitely helped me! ...

1.  Know yourself, Know who you are

Your personality is what defines you, so understand yourself and what makes up your personality. Do not let insecurities eat you alive, address them! The more you know yourself and the more you are happy with yourself, the stronger you become. When you are most happy with yourself, there's little damage the outside world can do to you.

2.  Find time to be alone in silence 

Being alone doesn't make you a loner, it actually makes you stronger. Set aside time once a week or once a month to completely disconnect from the world because the world is busy and can be disruptive to your inner strength. Find a place where you can be completely in tune with yourself, giving yourself 100% focus to just reflect on yourself and life, allow yourself this time to replenish your soul and rejuvenate your smile. This is part of knowing who you are too. 

3.  Revisit and rearrange your circle 

It's vital to guard the company you keep, one negative person can deplete your thoughts and energy. Be brutal about the people you decide to keep in your life. Find and keep people who have strong inner strength, they will help you build yours. Keep those who stick by you through the worse of times, not just the good times. Keep those who don't sugar coat advice. Keep those who can carry intellectual conversations. Keep those who feed genuine positivity into your life. Keep those who genuinely make you feel happy. Keep those who challenge you in positive ways for unselfish gains. 

4. Find a silver lining in every negative scenario 

If you can do this, your mind is already in a better place and your inner strength is solidifying. It's not always easy to find a silver lining when you feel like there's only been one bad thing after another, remember, you control how you handle these obstacles! Train your mind to think positive and your heart and soul will eventually follow. 

5. Give yourself a good home 

If you don't feel comfortable going home to relax or lay your head at night, then change your scenario, find a new home. The start of your day begins with your comfort level at night, where you lay your head. Your home should be your safe haven as well. A good home is where you look forward to going to, to think, to relax, to be happy. If it's a good home, you will feel happy and proud inside and out, it will be worth fighting for, if not, then do something about it. 


Soul Searching to Uncovering Your Truth

What's your truth, in other words who are you? 

Soul searching is a deep and anxious consideration of one's emotions and motives or of the correctness of a course of action. 

Everyone at one point or many points in their life is stuck; stuck not knowing who they really are anymore, or not knowing what they want in life or not knowing what is truly missing from their life and yes, sometimes all three all at once. 

Soul searching is a deep journey that some are lucky to uncover quickly while others are still discovering or just don't know where to start. 

You have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself the following: 

1. Who am I, now and then? Did I change? For the worse or the better? 

It's important to understand yourself first, you need to know yourself better than anyone else. If you changed, try to think why and how that happened? Write it down and reflect on it. Know who you are and know what you stand for, so no one can dictate YOU. 

2. What is missing in my life? 

It can be one or many things but if you don't know what's missing in your life, then you really can't start your journey of soul searching because what will you be searching for? 

Recognize what's missing will help you retrieve it in your soul searching journey. 

  • An example is someone I met, told me the death of their grandparent impacted their life in so many ways because their grandparent meant more to them than their own parents; their grandparent was their best friend, their everything. This person uncovered when they lost their grandparent, they too lost their grounding qualities in themselves and with relationships with others. This is what they realized was missing in their life. This person is now on their search to be able to find their grounding qualities within themselves and with others again. 

3. Do you feel fine being alone?

Does being alone make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable? If so, then you probably don't know how to be alone and aren't truly at a place where you are at ease being by yourself. If you need constant validation from someone or if you constantly find yourself having to be distracted by texting,  watching tv, napping or listening to music when you're alone,  then you aren't really in tune with yourself and aren't that comfortable being by yourself. Being alone is not a bad thing, it's a wonderful state of peace because if you are comfortable when you are alone, then you can be comfortable around others. 

4. Do I know my right and wrong? Can I accept my wrongs? 

No one is perfect, but we all face the dilemma in life when we know what is really right or wrong. We don't always do the right things because the right thing doesn't always makes us happy. Ask yourself though, when you choose to do the wrong thing, can you accept that it is wrong and can you live with it? In order to move forward in your soul searching, you must face your wrongs and find a way to let go of that guilt. 

I'm on my spiritual path to finding my soul, my truth, me. I always loved writing and I'm finding it more everyday that one of my purposes in life is to share and relate to the 7.5 billion people on Earth through my writing. 

"Aspire to inspire, can you relate?"


Some thoughtful suggestions on your soul searching that I've found helpful:

  • Write! Keep track of your emotions and state of mind. 

  • Give yourself time, it takes time. Think in silence. Try meditation. 

  • Allow your emotional wounds to heal first, meaning confront your pain. This is important to move forward.

  • Be bold & courageous. Don't allow others to test you, stand up for what you believe in, as long as you can do so with a splash of kindness.

  • Deep down inside, only you know what you really want in life; learn to listen to your heart and follow your intuition. 

  • What makes you happy or what used to make you happy? Find your path to feel this genuine happiness again. 

There are so many other opinions, advice and thoughts on soul searching. These are just my own as I experience and realize them on my own journey. I'd love to hear some of yours!  

Amplified Ambitions

We all have ambitions in life. Mine are just amplified to the millionth degree. I'm destined for greatness, greatness in different aspects: greatest mom, greatest writer, greatest friend, greatest marketing professional, and greatest inspiration to my kids and others. If I don't believe in myself or my own ambitions, who will drive my path to greatness?

With ambition comes your passion. What lights up your soul, your feeling of soaring, that intense spark of achieving “GREATNESS”? That is your passion! Mine is writing, always has been. My destiny for greatness will be achieved through writing and blogging because this is my way of communicating and sharing my own vibes, thoughts and positivity. Can you relate? If yes, then I’ve achieved something.

If you believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve and what you're capable of doing. Once you realize your passion, the rest will fall into place as long as your ambition energy matches your passion, if not greater.

I know of a great story of ambition and passion. This goes back 14 years, to when this person’s passion for detailing cars started. This person’s ambition always matched their passion – their skill of mastering the art of detailing only intensified and improved over time. I was lucky to see this spark, the life in their soul when they were in the zone, the aliveness and concentration achieved through this passion. This person is destined for greatness through this passion – their passion for detailing cars – more so the art of detailing.

Find your passion, intense desire for something and follow through with greater ambition.

Change Starts with You

Don't change for anyone but yourself and that change should only be a better version of you, every single day. 

What does that even mean? Simple, you're just going to be better than you were yesterday, and each and every day you wake up. Before bed, you're going to recall your day and think of an aspect of yourself that you want to improve when you wake up. It could be anything from being more organized, more focused, more positive, more attentive, more reasonable and so forth. You're going to think of a way to improve on that aspect that day and repeat daily as you continue to add on different aspects each night. 

Start small and you'll be on your way to changing yourself into a better, improved self. It also helps to write these changes down so you can reflect on progress or just in general. Good luck and remember, change starts with you and with no else.  


I've been going to sleep and waking up feeling indifferent more often than not. This is fucken great! Why? ...

Indifferent means feeling unconcerned, having no sympathy, pretty much non-chalant and not feeling good or bad; mediocre.

In essence, I've let the good feelings fade and the bad feelings out; meaning there are no more feelings. This is the epiphany of the start of a new life; a stronger, better me is evolving. I've uncovered some truth and clarity and it truly has made me feel indifferent to all the drama that descended.

Feeling indifferent is not a bad or good thing, it just shows you balanced out your good and bad feelings, part of moving on.

Aug 14: Happy Birthday to Me from Me

I'm 32 today! Happy birthday to me from me. I define my own happiness and success  and therefore wish myself the happiest birthday! I'm low key, I don't like to be spoiled :)

The tree of life at Animal Kingdom said it all for me. I stood there and stared and thought, life will come full circle when something ends and something new begins. Life is what you make of it, change your path or stay stuck. Grab life at its horns and control what you can and let go of what you can't. Live happy, kindly and honestly. 

I'm still young and forever grateful for the greatest gifts that life gave to me: Skyla, Carson and Carter. My birthday wish for as long as I live is to be inspiring to people, especially my children. My children's happiness is my happiness. Their memory of me I want to be that of a positive, loving, caring, never give up type, and loyal mom/person.

Life lessons are taught through tragedy, trying circumstances, and chains of events that at most times don't make sense at the moment. I've learned a lot, which I will share as I continue my journey to inspire people. I'm finding my purpose in life which is to help myself first, so that I can help others heal too. I'm realizing who I really am and who I'm leveling up to be: charismatic, compassionate, empathetic, sensitive and positive. 

Coach your mind to find something positive in every negative situation and you're already on your way to a better day and life. I'm learning how to channel pain and negative energy into a ball of positivity that I will throw up in the air and hit a grand slam to spread that positivity! 

Happy Birthday to me, to a better version of me everyday, and to my new journey in life. 

Resilient, that's Me

Being resilient is usually a strong, inherited trait, a person can also learn to master it. I'm grateful to have it built in me and I see it in my daughter's DNA too. She has been forced to grow up quickly and she is becoming a stronger, smarter and more compassionate person. She is resilient like me.

Resilient, is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions/situations. It takes a strong mind to shift the focus onto something else, something more enlightening and positive. What breaks you or nearly broke you, will only make you stronger. 

You can't control things in life, but you can control how you respond to those things.

Conquer the difficult situation by allowing yourself to feel every possible emotion that comes to you, and know it's ok to feel those emotions. But winning is when you Rise to the occasion, accept it for what is and tell yourself that as long as you're breathing, life goes on.

Finding Inner Peace

As I approach 32 on Aug 14, I am realizing how important it is to find your inner peace. I'm realizing things little by little and even sometimes in waves. If I can't find peace within myself, I will never be able to find peace with life and others. 

To me, finding inner peace means, being able to forgive yourself so that you can become a better person and so that you can find it in yourself to forgive others. Always easier said than done, but with self-love and a positive mind, I'm already on my way to practicing what I preach. 

Have you found your inner peace or are you on your path to?

Finding Me

I'll be 32 in less than 3 weeks. I have three beautiful children and I'm on my journey to finding me, striving to be a better version of me everyday, for me and my kids. I'm building my core competencies first and not looking to be anyone's rebound, transitional partner, convenience, or for anyone to be mine, but I am open to meeting new people and making new friends while strengthening old friendships. 

I have to say I'm proud of myself, I'm finding  something positive in every negative situation and I'm finding positive reasons why things happen. Life has mysterious ways to make you change, make you fall apart, and build you back up. Life also has a way to tear two people apart and bring them back together in mysterious ways. The first step comes from you though, you have to be strong and keep moving forward, and keep an open mind and heart.

So far, what I've always known and enjoyed doing was networking and helping others. I find that peace in my own healing process because it makes me feel good, helping and inspiring others. I choose to love and care still while being shattered because it helps to piece me back together. Everyone has their own inner struggle and with compassion and empathy, two strong traits of mine, I have the ability to relate to other people.